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Why JAPA Might Be the Last Hope for the Common Nigerian

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Why JAPA Might Be the Last Hope for the Common Nigerian

Why JAPA Might Be the Last Hope for the Common Nigerian

JAPA- is it just a word, a Phenomenon, or a menace to our society? To an average Nigerian, this word symbolizes hope for generations unborn. To the elite it is just a word or simply a trend which like others will fizzle out with time.

Every year, the number of Nigerians (especially the youths) who leave the Country to seek greener pastures Abroad seems to be on the increase. But how green is the so called “Pasture”?


Families are separated, bonds are set further apart, parents are only hopeful that their wards return back successful. I know of a Man whose three sons relocated to three different countries in three different continents. Will they ever see each other again? 

Sometimes and sadly, some return to the demise and gravestones of their beloved ones. Is it really worth it in the end? Life is full of uncertainties and relocating or “JAPA” to a foreign country is not different. 


With each departing Plane from the Lagos or the Abuja international airports, the chances of a better Nigeria reduce sporadically.  The best Doctors, Technicians, Tech Guys, Lawyers, Bankers, in a nutshell the best brains keep leaving the countries shores.

The Socio-economic strength of any country depends largely on her youthful populace. Do you think Nigeria can be saved? Do we blame these youths for seeking a better life which their country has failed to provide? – Hell no! But then again is JAPA the solution to Nigeria’s problems? 


JAPA- “like you know already or may have deduced, JAPA is Hope, a second chance and the best option for a Youth born into a failed system and a forced marriage of a country called Nigeria. JAPA is a movement for survival”


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JAPA, a means to an end?


The truth is someday, most of us will someday return back to the country which may be in a state much worse than we left it. Is JAPA just a temporary relief or just a way to escape our realities for a while?


Blessed with both Human and natural resources, Nigeria with the help of its degenerate Politicians is only on a sharp decline. I don’t want to bore you with its Economic stats. It is clear and you witness it every day.


Most of these developed countries have what the Nigerian youths yearn for categorically put, a working system (saner Climes). These countries lack what we have in abundance namely: a hardworking and intelligent youthful population.


While this trade seems to be a good bargain at the moment, I fear it has so many negatives and effects in the long run. God bless Nigeria.

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