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Ways To Make Money As a Nigerian Student

earn money as a Nigerian student


Ways To Make Money As a Nigerian Student

Being a fulltime student in Nigeria is undoubtedly incredibly stressful. When you combine the wicked lecturers, the corrupt and almost non-functional system, the bad economy(including the never ending rise in prices and never increasing source of income) and the hot sun, it is enough to make most people  give up.

Some people even have the added worries of having to provide for themselves and loved ones back home.

If you fall under the category of people I just mentioned, then this post is for you. In this post, I have listed and enumerated skills and self employment opportunities that will help you make some money while in school. Not to forget, having to school in Nigeria, which is undeniably one of the hardest countries to survive in.

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  1. Forex trading

This is a relatively easy way to make a lot of money as a student without indulgence in crime. It is the study and manipulation of the foreign exchange market and taking advantage of the “hard to predict” prices/rates of foreign currencies.

I have some friends who take part in this occupation and they make unbelievable amounts of cash out of it. All you need to start trading is a device(phone or laptop),good internet connection and some money as capital.

I must also mention that it is  highly risky and you will have to deal with some losses too. If you do not have the time to learn forex, you can join a forex signals group where they give you information and directions to follow.

If you are looking for one, please let me know in the comment section and I will post some of the good and free ones I know.


2. Tutorials

This is one of the oldest business ventures in the university that is still in trend till this day. There will always be students that need some guidance and tutoring to achieve better grades.

If you know the courses that people struggle in the most, you can take advantage of this and hold classes on weekends or after school hours and charge them a fee, with the locations being empty classes.

If you find it difficult to talk to a class with a lot of people then you can look for a few paying people who want your services. This is a good way to make money but be sure not to make the mistake of forgetting yourself and not studying.


3.Graphics designing

This is one service that is always in demand in the university. Its either someone wants to run for a position or someone is holding a party or the is a church event coming up.

These people all need need posters, either had copies or digital. All you need is a laptop computer and the necessary skills needed to create these banners. Even I have required the services of a graphics designer a couple of times in the past.

4.Catering services.

With the ever increasing population of “yahoo boys”, this service potential has also been on the rise too.

You just need a poster(from the graphics designer above) and a few friends to share it online on WhatsApp.

If your prices are right and your food is delicious, no doubt you will be receiving calls left, right and center.

5. E-commerce.

This a very popular one. You must have seen some girls trying to advertise the dresses or hair their friends or themselves are selling. You can do it to. You just need a supplier, a poster(again from the graphics guy ), and some good friends to help you advertise your Business.


6. Yahoo Yahoo.

This list would be  “FRAUD” if I did not include this infamous money making art. All you need is your phone and data connection and also some friends who can show you how to do it. It is not a clean way of making money but it surely pays. NOTE; never indulge in any form of crime, you will regret it.



7. Blogging

This is not an easy one to do, but when done correctly can pay you well. It takes time, dedication and hard work(just like the others). If you like writing then why not turn this hobby into an income source with blogging.

And that’s if for this list. If you have and questions about these sources of income, please feel free to leave a comment and I will be glad to shed as much like on them as I possibly can. Also if you have others to add please let us know in the comment section below.

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