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UK Scale Up Visa Explained: How To’s and Requirements



UK Scale Up Visa Explained: How To’s and Requirements

Apply for the UK scale up visa from Nigeria

The UK or United Kingdom has over the years continued to be a Top destination for Migrants especially Migrants from English speaking countries.

Since the UK left the European Union (EU), it has been in dire need of Professionals, Skilled workers and even Care givers.

It is over the years rolled out various Visa Categories to fill this vacuum. So i guess you are reading this right now with intent on moving or relocating sooner or later to the United Kingdom.

Without wasting time, let us dive into the business of the Day. What is this UK Scale Up Visa? what are the requirements ? Which countries can Apply for it.

Apply for the UK scale up visa from Nigeria. The requirements are as follows:

  1. Certificate of Sponsorship
  2. Proof of Sufficient English Knowledge
  3. Proof of Funds
  4. Valid Passport
  5. Others

We share information and tips to help you achieve your migration dreams. I am not an immigration consultant, i am not a licensed immigration lawyer but I help with tips based on research and my own personal experience just to make things a bit easy for you.

It was  stemmed out of the fact that a lot of people have sent me emails sent me messages on social media asking me  about the new Visa that has just been introduced by the United Kingdom.


People have asked me what about this Visa that’s new in the UK.  it’s a VISA that’s been recently introduced about three days old in fact and I’ve done a little bit of research on it.

The UK is  trying to attract people into the UK especially since leaving the EU. So they’ve developed a new Visa which is a points based system just like other countries are adopting.

The scale-up Visa

I am just going to explain what it means. It is for foreign Nationals obviously to come to the UK to work for at least six months for a fast growing UK business.

Certificate of Sponsorship

One of the most important requirements is you must get a certificate of sponsorship from business that is located in the UK.

The scale of business must be an approved employer by the government of the United Kingdom. You need a job offer from an approved employer like I said  it’s a skill of business that must last at least six months. This job should to be on the list of occupations on the website.

Proof of Sufficient English Knowledge

In addition to the Certificate of Sponsorship, you need to meet the English requirements. Well the English requirements means is literally IELTS.

You can also  get a letter stating that you have a master’s degree or you have an undergraduate degree that was taught in English that would also suffice.

Proof of Funds

As proof of funding, you should be able to show an account balance of at least One thousand, two hundred  and seventy Pounds in the last 28 days to support yourself.

Then, the job  offer  must pay at least 10 to 11 pounds per hour which means that an average of 33 000 per year is what you must earn to be able to qualify for that Visa.

Valid Passport

This rather an obvious inclusion. it’s a means of  confirming your identity and your nationality.

Also see: How To Apply For a Nigerian Passport- Official/ Unofficial



You can apply within three months. Three months before you are  due to start work in the UK and you can stay for as long as two years on that visa and you can extend it as many times as possible.

Further explanations and requirements for Families can be found Here


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