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Types Of Lecturers in Nigerian Universities

Nigerian lecturers


Types Of Lecturers in Nigerian Universities


Since the days of high school, we have heard the legends about university lecturers from our teachers, parents and even our older siblings . The stories never seem to end when it comes to the outrageous things these supposedly terrifying monsters can do.

From sexual harassment to downright wickedness, the list goes on and on. Based on the fact that they are rarely supervised and the cries of the students are often neglected, these people seem to have nothing to fear when they taint the futures of the young Nigerian student.

It is incredibly appalling to see them in action, without a care in the world as they wreck the lives of people for no proper reason but to sate their ego and feed their pride.

Below I am going to list the different types of lecturers in the Nigerian university and give you a typical example of how they operate and handle different situations.

1.     The attendance freak

These ones are the lecturers that come early to class, after a few minutes of them in the class, they close the doors and do not allow people to come in. They talk about the 70% attendance or no exam rule all the time, but never seem to be able to keep it.

They try to come up with new ways to frustrate your life if you don’t come to class. My lecturer even makes us sign our signatures on the attendance list and verifies them to make sure that another person does not sign for you. They talk about how there attendance would give you marks, and so on and so forth. These guys to me are just very petty and a huge pain in the backside.


2.     The strict Lecturers

These sadists are an embodiment of wickedness, pride and unhappiness. They are the ones who send people out of the their class for stupid reasons, give tons of assignment to be submitted the next day by 8 in the morning.

They take the matriculation numbers of people and promise them failure and worse of all, set questions out of nowhere in exams and test. These are the worst humans on earth and do not deserve sympathy when met with bad occurrences in their life.

What kind of joy does it profit a man to tell someone to come again next year for an Exam? It just goes to show that these people should have their mental health checked before giving them the job of grooming the leaders of tomorrow.

I am sure these people have a huge role to play in the level at which our country has fallen. With mentors like these, progress is never going to be possible.


3.     The lazy lecturers

These lecturers never come to class, they only appear a week or two to exam, and finish a semester of work in a day.


4.     The womanizers

If you are not the type with female friends, you will not know these guys even exist, but trust me they do.

They ask female students to see them in their office for no proper reasons at all. They try to woo them into bed with them with promises of good grades and other things. I even have a friend who was given the questions to her exams weeks prior. These good for nothing men are disgusting and are mostly married.


5.     The dumb lecturers.

As a student of engineering with solid courses that need absolute understanding and grasping, this one hits me hard every time I come across it.

These are the lecturers that try to look smart by coming to class , dictating notes that are not comprehendible, cannot give a decent answer to questions to students, and to top it all, they set the most complicated questions in examinations and tests.

I wonder how these people got their jobs because it is clear that they have no idea what they are talking about.

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6.     The irresponsible lecturers.

These guys constitute a large portion of the Nigerian university. They are terrible at making a point clear and just brush it off with go and ‘read your handout’.

If all we had to do is study the handout, then what is the point of attending class?. Theses lecturers need to go through teaching school and learn how to impart knowledge into people rather that toss it on the floor you to pick it up.


I hope we did not leave out any category? incase we did, do let us know about it. Cheers 🙂




  • Nigerian lecturers
  • Nigerian lecturers
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