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Things to Do During the ASUU Strike

Asuu strike


Things to Do During the ASUU Strike

Things to Do During the ASUU Strike

Some students must be enjoying the shear amount of free time and taking advantage of the strike doing what ever they want to. But i am also sure most of us have been going through a fair amount of depression and battling anxiety thinking of how your days pass over you without you doing anything proper.

It is a very unfair and annoying position that ASUU has put millions and millions of Nigerian students. It has been more than 6 (six) months now that the students have been sent home without any consideration for their mental health.

But as strong and willful Nigerian we are going to take this unfair treatment and convert it into the best of opportunities that we can ever have. So here are the top  this we can try or engaging in to make the best of this unfortunate situation we have been forcefully shoved in.

Get Fit, Register yourself in a Gym

Have you been feeling overweight, unfit, or not confident about your body and physic?. Well now is the perfect time to get into the nearest gym and take up the challenge of whipping your body into shape.

Most people underestimate and do not quite understand the great effect of having a fit body has on our mentality. Your self confidence sky rockets along with your health and mentality.

Take it from me who has experience being fit , it basically makes you feel you are a super hero. So go today and sign up in that gym now!!!.


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Buy a Course Online and Learn Something

Today anything is possible because of the massive amount of information that is literally at your finger tips thanks to the internet.

Most of the time people just consume information that stimulates them and helps with boredom and lack of having anything to do.

I am not saying that is a bad use of time but I belief you can do even more if you use that time and data to learn amazing skills that will be useful in the near future.

I have a friend that bought a web design course and is now build a lot of amazing and beautiful sites. I have another one who has always been super interested in cinematography and bought a course on video editing and now is making videos that can rival clearance peters.

I also have another friend that bought a course in python and now writes code. The options are practically endless on what you can learn. So go online and buy a course, you can thank me later.


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     Begin or Continue other Plans

Some people have always have some things in their mind that they have always wanted to try out but because of the tedious and hectic activities that accompanies school life.

Now that that is not an issue any longer, why not begin those ideas now. I have a friend that always wanted to start a youtube channel. He started one and now he has more than a thousand subscribers.

I also have another friend that always wanted to start a music blog and now has one with more than 100 songs uploaded now. So all I am saying is that if you had any idea that you always wanted to try out and have not started, why not start now. I am sure you will thank me later if you do.

So that’s the top 3 activities you can do now that will likely change your life for the better if you choose to partake in any of them. It is most likely not easy but I am sure it will be worth it.

If you have something that you think should be on the list, why don’t you let us know in the comment below and share this article with your friends . Have a wonderful week and goodbye.

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