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Private or Public Universities ? How To Make a Choice



Private or Public Universities ? How To Make a Choice

Private, or Public Universities ? How To Make a Choice

In Nigeria there are a lot of options for university choices. With tons of them in the state , federal and private fields, you will probably have one for you in the hundreds of universities between them.

If you are caught in the situation of  having to choose between them for a school to attend, having a hard time making a decision on which to choose if distance was not an issue, then this article is for you.

We have gather information for people from various universities in Nigeria. From the public schools(state and federal) to the private universities all over the country. So here are the things you need to know about the various schools in Nigeria.


State universities as the name implies , are schools run by the state government and each state in Nigeria has at least one university under their care.

They are the first choices for most average people, especially  for the ones from that said state. There are rumors about state universities being biased during admission seasons and giving preferential treatment to their indigene.

They are usually matured and experiences schools and operate without a hitch. They are a great option for everybody with reasonable priced school fees and experienced lecturers and well established social cadre. Some great examples of state universities in Nigeria are Lagos state university (LASU), university of Benin(UNIBEN), Delta state university(DELSU)  and university of Ibadan(UI).

They are a great number of excellent state university and in my opinion you cannot go wrong with them.

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Federal universities are schools created and run by the federal government and are less popular than the state universities.

In some cases, federal universities tend to be specialized , an example is the university that I currently attend which is the Federal University of Petroleum Resources Effurun in Warri.

They tend to be a bit of a hit and miss with some being some of the best universities in the country and the others not nearly as good as their more well established colleagues.

They have great admission rates but have a kind of steep school fees rate compared to the state universities, and are also considered to be more challenging in terms of their curriculum and academic activities.

A great option but I recommend the state universities because of the wider variety of people and non academic activities for young and energetic students who don’t just want to study but have a great time. Some great examples are FUTA, FUTO and so on.

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Private universities are schools owned by individuals and organizations. They are schools with top class amenities , facilities, and lecturers. And some of them tend to have some strict rules and policies and strict punishments when they are broken.

In Covenant university, you can only use laptops and no mobile phones are allowed on campus. The school is also strictly for   Christians because there are church services which are deemed compulsory for all the students there.

In many other school, you are not given the option to live off campus  and are force to their dormitory systems. Many others give their own rules which must be obeyed upon admission. They are also known for having hefty school fees , the highest of the other too.

With all of these mentioned I still believe they are a great option for people who can afford their school fees and adhere to their rules. They don’t stress their students as much as the other two do and are respectful and well run.


Well that is it for the different types of universities in Nigeria and the one for you. If you have a questions, please drop it in the comment section below and we will be sure to answer them. Have a great day and an amazing week.

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