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Nigerian University Tips for Beginners



Nigerian University Tips for Beginners

Nigerian University Tips for Beginners

The university can be a weird and very intimidating place for newbies. All the sea of new faces, so many different types of people, and for most people it is the first time in their lives  when they are solely responsible for their actions and decisions as they move away from home and subsequently away from the guidance of their parents or whoever’s care they have been under.

The later condition alone is sometimes so influencing that most people easily get overwhelmed by the new and unexplored degrees of freedom that they wander and stray until they are too far away and soon considered lost.

Here are some tips from third(3rd) year , final year students for “freshers” and new students to avoid the condition mentioned above:

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When people newly arrive at the university for the first time, the shear amount of new activities and happenings around them , most of which are more fun and exciting than the  standard school activity, pulls them in and with nobody around to guard and advice them, they get pull in two deep and immerse on something which is not essential and most times do not need.

It is not a bad thing to partake in such activities but please exercise a fair amount of restraint and discipline.


One of the most exciting things about the first entering the university is the mixture between yourself and new people. You will meet people of types, sizes and personalities that you have never seen before and  you will no doubt make new acquaintances and friends.

But you should be careful of the people you keep around you. Have you heard of the phrase “Birds of a feather flock together ” or the other one “show me your friends and I will tell you who you are” .

Well they convey a very clear and important message which is the people we surround yourself with have a great influence on how we live our life and generally how it will turn out.

You surround yourself with people who smoke and drink and you do not, in due time you will smoke and drink with them. It is just how we are wired as human beings.

So likewise if you surround yourself with hardworking and self starting people , you will likely develop these qualities and they will greatly help you out throughout your time in the university.


In all I have said, do not forget to enjoy yourself whenever you can and have a good time. The university stage of life is a once in a lifetime occurrence and you should make great use of it.

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Do what you feel is you and live your life to the fullest, but as always exercise caution and wisdom in whatever you do. Enjoy the last few years being cared for because the years ahead are not promised to be very kind.


There are tons of advice that I can give you , but I believe these are the core ones that you need to have. Hold these tips close and you will succeed in both school work and social life.

Please share to your friends and family and don’t forget to leave a comment on your thoughts below. Have a great week!.


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