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Most Difficult Courses in Nigerian Universities

difficult nigerian courses


Most Difficult Courses in Nigerian Universities

Most Difficult Courses in Nigerian Universities

The Nigerian education system let’s face it, is very far from the best out there . Lecturers are widely incompetent, the learning environment is in shambles most of the time, and strikes can occur anytime that ASUU feel like.

It is difficult and frustrating enough to be a Student in Nigeria, not to mention being a student practicing one of the mentioned courses below.

If you are already a student in one of the fields below, then we want to tell you that you are amazing and we adore you. But if you are a student aspiring to take up one of these courses below and practice them in Nigeria, then we advice you to pick up your passport and put it to go work.


see: ASUU: The Effect on The Nigerian Students.



This is a tedious course that studies the chemistry of living things and requires in dept Knowledge in subjects like biology, chemistry, physiology and other core science subjects. Students a made to understand the works of the natural compounds and chemicals that are fundamentally present in most if not all living things.

Mastering formulas , diagrams, experimentations and so much more, it is definitely not for the wick of heart. With all the mentioned requirements and parts above, it is obvious that this course will not be a walk in the park for most.

Then adding the factors of that our beloved country adds to the list makes it even much more overwhelming. Lack of proper experimentation equipments, inhospitable atmosphere for learning, and worst of all the evil and wicked lecturers who makes life hell for students, its easy to see why this course is on the list.



This is a subject that I hold dear to me because it was my favorite subject back in high school. Many people misunderstand physics and make it look and sound more complicated than it is supposed to be(still does not mean physics cannot be complicated at times).

Physics to me is basically a subject that breaks down how the world works. Why do things fall when we drop them from a height, physics can answer. Why does a ship weighing tons float on water while a tine stone sinks, physics can answer that too.

Why a metal contraception carry hundreds of people can fly through the air for thousands of miles, physics can answer that too.  Most things we see and do on a daily basics concerning physics and it’s a hell of a lot of fun to know(for me, I know , I am a big nerd).

But Nigerian university level physics is absolutely something else. God help anybody that says he is studying physics in Nigeria. With lecturers that only preach calculations upon calculations, physics will turn to your worst nightmare very quickly.



I am sure main people expected this to be at the top of the list because it famous how difficult it is to study medicine all around the world. But please hold your horses and relax for the true king is about to arrive. I do believe learning medicine is really difficult due to the shear amount of reading required from the students.

They are notorious for reading all the time.  It is even worse to study medicine in Nigeria where the lecturers put more pressure on the students instead of educating them properly. But I do believe it is easier to understand medically principles than our less famous number 1.



This is a very rough path that consist of blood , sweat and tears. I do not see engineering students acknowledged as much as medical students and that is very unfair.

It is true that they do not ready as much as medical students do , but that is because what the consume is of far more rigorous material.

The average medical students can just buy textbooks (regardless of how many) and read them like novels, come exam time they spill out what they’ve read.

But an Engineering students cannot do that(I know there are wizards amongst them but the normal ones at least). Because engineering is basically a soup of problems.

They have to master and deeply understand concepts that will leave the average Joe feeling lost. Principles, concepts, models, calculations, experiments, theory, solving , and more calculations.

In my exam last semester , I was asked to reproduce a formula that consist of more than three hundred(300) equations. And if you think that is the crazy part, its not. That is not too bad but the really madness was that the lecturer did not even teach about it.


That’s why its just crazy to be a mechanical engineer in Nigeria. If you see one of us on the road, Give us a hug, it is really not easy. Shout out to my fellow Nimche Students in the house!!!.


Well that’s it for my list. If you think that the other is wrong you have something to add please let us know in the comment section below. Share this post if you found it amusing. Have a lovely week and good bye!.

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