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How To Apply For a Nigerian Passport- Official/ Unofficial

apply Nigeria passport


How To Apply For a Nigerian Passport- Official/ Unofficial

How To Apply For a Nigerian Passport Official / Unofficial

Well, it is no News that the beginning of every successful relocation story starts with the Application and collection of the Nigerian International passport.

As the number of globetrotting Nigerians doubles every month, the services offered by the Nigerian Immigration continues to be strained due to the aforementioned reason.

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While the Passport Application / Collection step proves to be a dauting task, it is only the beginning of the dream of that Average Nigerian youth whose dreams were damped by a failed System.

On this post, we will put you through the Steps Needed to Apply for the Nigerian International Passport. I  have categorized this step in two: Official Passport Application and Unofficial Passport Application.

Yes, it is Nigeria. One way? Nope, there are always alternatives. Money rules in this part of the World.

Before we begin, let us list the general requirements for a successful Nigerian International passport Application and Collection. In no particular order:


  • Certificate of Origin: This is gotten from the Local Government Area.
  • Personal Details: Name, Age, Height etc.
  • Contact Information: House Address, Phone number, Email Address.
  • Next of Kin Information: Information of the next of Kin.


Official Nigerian International Passport Application Steps

Let us begin with the Official passport Application Step. Prior to this time, everything was done Offline. By Offline, i mean Documents moving through desks over days.

  1. Visit the Nigerian Passport  page.
  2. Select Passport Type
  3. Fill in the details
  4. Click on continue and add Personal details
  5. add contact Information
  6. add Information of the Next of Kin
  7. Make the required payment

After these steps. a date will given given for the biometric data Capture which includes Passport Fotograph and Thumbprinting.

A collection day should be made known to the Applicant.


Unofficial Nigerian International Passport Application Steps

Okay, it is about to get interesting. Did you find the previous section boring?. Most definitely yes. In Nigeria, Normal is Boring.

Well, it is quite straightforward. Once you have the above mentioned requirements, it is time to speak the language Nigeria understands. Money!.

Oh i think we forgot one crucial requirement namely : “a relatively High or even an average Nigerian Customs Officer.

While this sounds ridiculous, it is indeed true. With the right price and connection the passport Application and collection can be facilitated and hastened.


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How Long does it take from Passport Application to Passport Collection ?

At this time, there is no certain answer to this question. But the process is quite hastened when the Unofficial route is used.


How Do i Apply for the Nigerian Passport from Outside Nigeria?

For this, the corresponding Nigerian mission in the host countries are responsible. More on this later.

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