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Categories of Students in Nigeria



Categories of Students in Nigeria

Categories of Students in Nigeria

The university is a big and obnoxious place. The is no end to the variety of people that you will no doubt encounter once you step foot on the campus grounds.

People of different shapes , sizes, colors, beliefs, mentality and modus operandi. And no doubt that they will encounter you. Here a9re a few of the stereotypes that you will meet in the higher institute of learning .

1 The average Joe

This is a very normal and ordinary guy or girl. The do not look too good, neither do they look bad, they just look, you guessed it, average. They never stand out in anything, always they in the backgrounds but never involved. Don’t ask or answer questions, they don’t dress too fly, they are just there, slowly working on school and moving with you0till your final year.

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2 The Showman.

You will likely notice these guys from the screening process, if not your first classes. They are the guys that like unwanted attention and try to get it at almost all cost.

They are always two times louder than they need to be, making unnecessary jokes, and laugh the loudest when anything funny happens. If there is a fight , you will see them there, if it was an argument, their voice will be the loudest.

Personally, I don’t really like these people that much but I have to say these guys are the spice of school life. Always making things more interesting than they needs to be.

3 The Bookworm.

The name is obviously self explanatory. These are the book lovers and readers in the house. They are always up to date with classes, with beautifully crafted and arranged notes(some not all). They read a lot and always eat up home works(fun to copy from too) .

These guys are the backbone of every department because a lot of the time they do assignment for all the rest to copy. They come in all sorts of forms, but after a few exchange with them, you will know they are what they are.

4  The G-Boy.

These guys are the bad guys on campus(a much better form of bad than the now gradually redundant cultist group). You can identify the with iphones and apple accessories (they hate android), clean and somewhat expensive clothing, sometimes funny hairstyles, and occasionally driving cars.

These guys are so not too very motivated by school as they tend to focus more on hustling and getting the greenbacks.

5 Slayers.

This is a unisexual category of people(although the girls more than outweigh the boys here). Looking so sweet and hot, these guys catch the eyes of many and are some times crushed on by the rest of the school population. Stylish clothing, beautiful skin, and a lot of followers on social media, these guys are the stars of the department they are in.

6 The unserious.

Well in whatever place you are, there is a top, middle and a “floor”. These guys are always late, some times miss classes. They forget about their assignments. Some forget about test.

They don’t know the course codes and the name of their lecturers. If you want to identify someone in this category, those guys that arrive after an exam has already begun are a clear give away.

So what do you think about my list. If you have any thing to add to it, please let me know in the comment section below. Don’t forget to share with your  friends. Have a lovely week and Goodbye.

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