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ASUU: The Effect on The Nigerian Students.

Asuu strike


ASUU: The Effect on The Nigerian Students.

ASUU: The Effect on The Nigerian Students.

This year was bare three months old when the lecturers of our noble country decided to go on strike,
sending their ,millions of students back home to rot and while away their precious time.

Now it is September and the students are still at home. They have held countless meetings with the government but they were all fruitless.

Even the president of Nigeria, Muhamadu Buhari has openly ‘lamented’(which seems all he does) about the situation and publicly gave an ultimatum to the ministry of education and ASUU to resolve whatever issue they have between themselves in two weeks.

But those two weeks is now many months behind us and we are still waiting.

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Truly it is sad the current happenings in this country. From students to their parents, they keep suffering
the from this senseless display of greed and stupidity by ASUU.

I wonder how the ASUU chairman goes to sleep at night. Does he dream about the countless amount of people je is currently putting their lives on hold, just because of money that they do not even honestly deserve.

Most of these so called lecturers only come to class and ramble endlessly and call it LECTURING. Some of them refuse to allow questions, when then do answer questions they give undigestable answers for the
students to go home and confuse themselves more.

In the end they set difficult questions that they did not go through in class and countless of students fail to their ruthlessness. And now they want bigger salaries and dues? For what?, every person that have gone through the Nigerian university system know this.

Now they cause even more suffering and frustration to their students by putting their lives on hold, in
what way is this fair. In my opening these people are worst that terrorist and herds men if they think
they can get away with this.

Whats it for the Nigerian Students?

Most students are struggling to remember their matriculation numbers, talk less of their courses and
the topics they were being taught in school. Most of us now suffer depression , thinking endlessly on our
lives , being hopelessly board and jobless. Countless young boys have turned to internet fraud in this
period of strike caused by ASUU.


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It pais me when I see people on social media and twitter say that the federal government is at fault and
is the cause of the ASUU strike. Did the federal government tell the lecturers to stop teaching, they even
kept paying them until they recently stopped.

These so called lecturers just woke up one morning and decided that their salaries are not enough, and put people’s lives on hold, Showing the world their true and wicked nature.

I think it’s time people wake up and call a spade a spade. What do you think?, comment down below
and share to your friends and family, maybe even to a lecturer. Have a blessed week.

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