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ASUU Strike: Do Lecturers Deserve Salary Raise?

Asuu strike


ASUU Strike: Do Lecturers Deserve Salary Raise?

ASUU Strike : Do Nigerian Lecturers Deserve Any Increase In Salaries?

As you all know the current state of the Nigerian tertiary institution is in shambles due to the ongoing
strike set in motion by the Association of university staff ASUU. It is a shameful situation that we have all being for more than six months now.

This is all due to the lecturers and organization heads insisting that their current pay and dues are not sufficient enough, so they decided to put the lives of millions of Nigerian students on hold and jeopardize their future.

But the matter that we are trying to discuss now is the issue of if they actually deserve that obese salary
that they are requesting. As a student , I have had first hand experience and I am sure most of us have
suffered at the hands of these people calling them self’s “LECTURERS”.


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They are a notorious group of evil, heartless and wicked people scaring the lives of innocent students year in year out all in every university in the four corners of Nigeria.

I don’t know why more people are not talking about this on social media. In all my years of university,
the number of people who deserve to be call lecturers are actually very small, less that 15 percent of all
the so called lecturers.

They don’t come to class, victimize students, failing students, abuse students, womanize …..the list can go on for miles.

The Way Forward

They are wicked , heartless and mentally sick people that abuse students day by day and get away with
it scot free. I have never heard of a wicked lecturer being punished in any way. It seems they have no
management and do whatever they like to the children of other people.

I have always wished for the day when a child of a lecturer falls into my trap, I pity him or her.

I wouldn’t be pained if they actually did their jobs and handle students properly sand then put people’s
lives on hold for their , but I think it is absolutely unacceptable to be demonic year in year out and destroy peoples GPA and lives and in the and now go for strike because they are not paid well enough to
be evil.

I think they are actually trying to eat their cake and have it by doing this which should be a no no. You should actually do your work a little before you go and start crying that your pay is not enough. The government should find a way to curb the excess of these people and put them in their place.

What do you people think?, please share this article and comment on what your taught are on the matter of these people because it has to do with all of us. Have a lovely week.

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