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With the deplorable state of the Nations economy, standard of life, Education and so on, it is indeed not surprising to note that Visa applications by the Nigerian youths are always on the increase.

It is the dream of  85% of the Youths in Nigeria to travel out of the country for better days Abroad. By youths in this contest, we mean males and females from ages 15- 40.

Yes!, it is that bad. Married couples with kids still look forward to leaving this Nightmare of a country. The Elites and affluent in Nigeria are less than 10% of its population leaving over 85% to languish in abject poverty. see Types Of Lecturers in Nigerian Universities

The government policies only favor the first class citizens(politicians), the rest are left to fight for their lives in all aspects from food to security.

Created in the fall of 2021 was planned to assist the teeming, young and hardworking youths in Nigeria with tips and steps on all they need to know about getting out safely and fast.

From School News, Scholarships, transcript applications to Student/ work visa applications will be your guide all through.


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